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Gila Sacks LCSW
Welcomes You to


Meaningfulbeing Therapy

a nurturing place of counsel and care

Mother and Daughter Meditating

l am mindful of You

Therapy is a meeting of the hearts and minds in a mutually caring and respectful relationship.  For me as a therapist, healing starts with Mindfulness, with listening and empathy, which promotes understanding and support.  I use mindfulness, first, to see the points of resilience, strength and light within YOU.  Then, we discover, through mutual trust, the way forward towards the goals that are sacred to you.  I'll help you sort out your challenges and face your unique journey with more positivity, power and hope. 


As we quiet the noise and give you space to grow and heal, I use evidence-based practice to make your journey easier, transforming grief into light. Together, we can move forward to re-engage in a meaningful life once more.


Begin to be Mindful with the sights and sounds of NATURE

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Healing Tools
Tailored To You

Compassionate Empathy
Narrative Therapy
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
EFT for Anxiety
Grief Counseling for Loss
Creative Expression in Art and Writing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Pet Therapy


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Life Cycle Coaching

Life is full of metamorphosis! We go through many stages, twists and turns in order to access the wonder and promise of our true potential.

Setting intentions for our lives and getting the right guidance with our goals, transitions, and growth helps us to experience more purpose, joy and meaning.

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Butterfly Collection

Depression and Anxiety

Multiethnic group of stressed sad people men and women having headache. Human face express

We all experience stressors in life that can lead to prolonged confusion, sadness and anxiety.
Having a caring, confidential therapist to talk with is the first step to gaining  control of our lives, feeling lighter and more hopeful.

Grief Support
Loss and Grief are a part of
a life well-loved and lived.

Waves of grief wash over us when death steals a loved one and we are left to miss and mourn them. The ache of losing someone we love is the deepest kind of pain. Let me be there for you in your bereavement, honor the ones you have lost and bring comfort to your heart.

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Geriatric Family Support

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This is a place where age is honored... 

Where courage is counted...

Where worldly wisdom is respected...

Where seniors are celebrated...

I look forward to being there for you and your loved one, spouse or parent with patience, kindness and helpful resources to make your journey easier.


Let Me Help

You Cope With...


Aging Issues

Chronic illness

Dementia and Alzheimers Disease

Caregiver Stress

Loss and Grief

Family Support

Resources and Advocacy

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Ability Differences  Celebrated

Every family is unique and special.

Some members of our family require extra TLC to traverse this world,
physically, mentally or emotionally.

Let me be a hand to hold through the maze and bring clarity and support when abilities are different, but love is all the same.

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Doing Homework
Art Supply
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About Me

Compassionate Care

I am a compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of California

available for in-office, at-home and tele-therapy.   For over 21 years, it has been my honor working in family crisis and mental wellness, including the areas of anxiety, bereavement, chronic illness, caregiving, depression, grief, geriatrics, special abilities, as well as life-cycle stress and achievement and life-coaching.  Using a mindful, strengths-based approach, my goal is to guide you towards YOUR authentic self. 

Personally, I spend my mindful time with family, art, writing, gardening, singing, and spiritual studies. My favorite pastime is hanging out with my dog, Teddy, or any furry or feathered friends I can find! 

Education and Training

Credits in  Psychology and Spiritual Studies, University of Texas at Austin 

BA in Spiritual Studies, Stern College for Women

MA in Educational Administration, Yeshiva University 

Masters in Social Work, Hunter College School of Social Work 

License in Clinical Social Work, California Board of Behavioral Sciences 


Personal Experience

The last 16 years in the Los Angeles area have been very precious to me.  In raising my children with special needs, I have learned much about the resilience of the human spirit.  Fighting for my children's rights and serving as a counselor for families with Chronic illnesses has expanded my expertise in educational and medical advocacy, as well as assisting with caregiver stress.  Using evidence-based interventions, plus creative therapies, I offer self-expression, understanding and acceptance that inspires meaningful living. 

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I look forward to meeting you!


Call me today to book a session.

Phone: 424-386-9203

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